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Smashing Coconuts on Thaipusam Eve

Thaipusam Eve

So exactly what happens on Thaipusam Eve? Well, do expect the smashing of thousands of coconuts especially in George Town, Penang!

Though I call myself a Penangite, having lived in Penang all my life (on the mainland and island), I have never before witnessed the smashing of coconuts ‘live’. Sure, I’ve heard of it, saw news footages on TV and read news and articles but I never thought of actually being right on the scene.

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Exploring Charming George Town

Happiness signboard in George Town

George Town is a charming little city with multicultural heritage communities, pre-war buildings and curious little places that have so much history behind them. Also not to mention the cafés which seem to be popping up faster than ever these days. I’m not an active café hopper but I do have a few favourites that I normally frequent.

I took the opportunity to capture the vibrancy in George Town in March last year when I was on my street photography outing at the Chowrasta Market.

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Chowrasta Market Street Photography

Fruits at Chowrasta Market

I chose the Chowrasta Market in George Town to try out my newfound street photography knowledge after watching a hilarious but incredibly helpful street photography do’s and don’ts video on YouTube.

It was a Saturday morning in March 2015, and the market in Jalan Kuala Kangsar was bustling with traders and people. I was therefore able to get some decent shots. I’m not a professional photographer so do expect some photos to look weird!

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Hiking to Pantai Kerachut

Pantai Kerachut

What’s a hike without sweat and tears, and a beautiful beach at the end of it? Okay, just kidding. There weren’t any tears but it was a gruelling but rewarding 90-minute journey.

Going to the Pantai Kerachut beach at the Penang National Park on Jan 11, 2015 was my last hiking trip. I’m usually excited and very gung-ho before going on a hike, even more so when there’s a beautiful, serene beach to enjoy at the end.

Truth be told, I have only hiked in the forests in Penang and always to the beaches of Pantai Kerachut and Monkey Beach. To get to those trails, you would need to start at the Penang National Park in Teluk Bahang.

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